Saturday, March 16, 2019

New Logitech MX518 Optical Mouse

Ok so I was all excited to hear that Logitech was finally bringing out a new version of the MX518 mouse.....which means I can finally replace my ancient MX518 that keeps working fine so still my preferred mouse BUT bits of the plastic etc are worn away...... so looks like hell.

Ok the new one arrived today and still getting used to it, considering I just disconnected my old mx518 mouse (eg. at least 10 years+ old, couldn't find receipt its that old) this new mouse has some big shoes to fill........and so far im not impressed.

3 issues ive identified so far.

1/ the cable is much thinner than the old one.......which means it no longer stays fitted into the chase space beneath my G11 keyboard. Not sure if this is a new standard size and they've been like that for years......but basically couldn't discretely hide the wiring like I could with the old one.

2/ you cant actually plug it into the G11 keyboard like you could the old one.....basically it says hub overpowered - I assume some time in the last decade they changed the power specs and this isn't solvable......basically means couldn't discretely hide the wiring like I could with the old one........

3/ and this is my biggest problem-though probably easiest one to fix. Ive always used the assignable thumb keys as scroll up and scroll down........for some reason scroll up and scroll down is not available on the assign seriously?? who thought that was ok? They got next music track, or next tab.....but not scroll up and down so the only way to scroll is using the wheel??


Update on the scroll issue - see in the comments section below

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  1. For those of you looking for a way to solve the Scroll Up/Down Assignable Button issue...... here is the solution.

    Yes you can assign up and down keys as a macro (I used 4 presses up and 6 down) however it doesn't work as smoothly as scroll does (in fact it doesn't work at all in a number of situations on Window 7).

    This said I've stumbled across a solution. When using the Logitech Gaming Software app there is a setting where you can use "LGS Software to control mouse options" you get to it by clicking the following;

    Open LGS

    Switch from keyboard settings to mouse settings by scrolling across to mouse (bottom left of the panel)

    Turn on "Automatic Game Detection" (top right-this means you are using a LGS profile rather than the mouse memory, I also find this makes moving the mouse around my three monitors smoother......though could be in my head).

    Then click on virtual mouse button image

    Then click edit command

    Then click Mouse function (you'll see that there are more sets of options including shortcuts/ventrillo etc to choose from)

    When you open this panel you'll see that you have both scroll left/right as well as the "Scroll Up/Down" that you seek.

    Lol....what a UI mess Logitech.