Sunday, November 22, 2020

Thread type for XSPC Dual Bay reservoir to connect Laing DDC pump

Im posting this for SEO purposes in case someone is searching google for the same problem i had......

So yesterday when replacing the Laing DDC 1T-Plus pump on my XSPC Dual Bay reservoir with pump .....the screws that came with the pump were not long enough to mate the pump to the reservoir correctly.

Do you think they have this listed in the specifications anywhere......noooooooo.

Ended up going to Home Depot on buying 4 different sets - the answer was M4-0.7mm thread x 25mm long.....ugh. (even though Laing pumps use a coarser thread eg. 0.9mm)

Hopefully google will find this and if someone else searches.....what thread type does XSPC use for their reservoirs to mount the pump.....someone will find M4-0.7mm thread x 25mm and save themselves a ton of time.....

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