Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Scotty from marketing is so small minded....it drives me crazy

Ridiculous claims in this article....the govt needs to open up places to foreign student as the Australian GDP needs it. As quarantine is user pays ....its ridiculous to claim there can't be more spots made available.

Foreign students will happily pay a premium to study in covid free Australia.. Small minds are what the real problem is in Australia.

Hotel rooms are empty in Australia.....there is no tourism at all in Australia....there is no need for more facilities.....they just need to allow more flights in instead of having restrictions with artificially low numbers.

The Australian economy should be booming....instead we have a recession.

The most frustrating part.....is we have this huge resource of being corona free......and no one seems to want to make money from it. Meanwhile people are unemployed/laid off/rents are down/property prices falling etc etc. It seems we only smart enough for digging rocks out of the ground for income.

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