Thursday, February 02, 2006

Amazing AC/DC Charity tribute concert in Finland

How cool is this

All AC/DC songs to be played in Finnish charity eventAC/DC Marathon.
Trumpeted by its Finnish organisers as the first and grandest event of its kind in the world, is to see the Australian heavy rock band's entire discography played in chronological order.The charity concert is estimated to last about 17 hours.The Finnish lineup includes Leningrad Cowboys, Quintessence, Emmi, Ismo Alanko and Freud, Marx, Engels & Jung. Live Wire, voted in the US as the top AC/DC tribute act, is also expected to perform at the concert.The organisers promise surprise performers and impressive pyrotechnics. The event is to take place at Club Teatria in Oulu on 18 February.Proceeds from the concert will go to the Finnish Association for Mental Health.---Organiser Pertti Havas was interviewed on ABC radio last night. He said each band will perform an entire AC/DC album. The exception will be Fly on the Wall which no band is prepared to do because, in his words, "It really sucks". However he did say they would include Fly on the Wall if an Australian band offered to come to Finland and do it.Of interest, they are trying to organise a live webcast of the entire concert so watch this space.

Now if you are like Jodie you might be asking....why is AC/DC so big in Finland...Who knows but what a cool concept (and yes the charity receiving the funds is just too cool for school).


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