Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Falls under the "I Want It Badly !!!" category

Just a cool looking wireless keyboard right ?........ so so so very wrong.

This keyboard without a doubt falls under the coolest, geekiest toy I have seen this year (the year is still very young as noticed by yesterdays post).

What you are looking at is a pre-production model of a soon to be released (feb 2006 supposedly) keyboard.

Each key is a single individual oled display (basically like a mini lcd screen). Yep thats right each and every key is a mini lcd image.

A software application can change what is being displayed on each key at any time including multiple languages, specialised games layout (as per the Quake version in photo 3) even scrolling images are possible.

Dont like the font on your keyboard, no probs just download a new version, want your keyboard lettering to match your decor, sure easy done.....want to type at night and pretend you are the coolest geek on your block your wallets wide price expected to be around $US1, how can I pass this off as a tax deduction :)


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