Saturday, May 06, 2006


As some of you might already know JavaOne will be happening in San Francisco in 2 weeks time http://javaone/sf

I wanted to draw your attention to an interesting company that will be exhibiting there called Savaje more details here http://exhibitor_id=5051

In summary Savaje is a brand new Java mobile phone OS that is highly programmable and customizable it has been awarded device of the show

There are a number of undisclosed hardware manufacturers who have signed on to offer hardware and undisclosed carriers will announce their involvement at the show launch.

Now what does this have to do with you; lots.

Basically at the show Savaje will be offering the first JavaOS handsets and appropriate SDK’s for developers who want to build their own Java applications to run on these handsets.

You can now write an application that will run on your mobile phone and be able to communicate over the data channel to external devices and applications.

I think with the wealth of development talent in the community we should be able to build some interesting apps that operate with Savaje.

For far too long mobile functionality has been a walled garden without the ability to implement perfectly beneficial custom applications – I think that this company might be able to offer us something interesting and exciting.

Important point to note – I don’t work for Savaje – I cant provide any more information than I already have.

I will however be working on the Savaje stand for the 3 days of the exhibition.

I cant say who yet but I’m working with an as yet un-nameable Savaje development partner exhibiting on the stand.

If you are going to the show please feel free to come up and say hi when you visit the Savaje stand. Hope to see you there.


Dean Collins

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