Saturday, May 06, 2006

Smart Improv

It's stuff like this that I love living in NY for;

People here are so creative and intelligent (in a fun way).

Last Spring I received an email from someone who had heard about us on This American Life. He wrote:There's a scene I've been wanting to pull off, but I don't have the manpower. Feel like helping?This is the gist: you know The Strand? (I work there). Know the bag check? As you can imagine, with all those bags and coats and things, people leave their cell phones with the guy. Occasionally they go off.What I'm thinking is, you get a group of people, thirty or so, who all come into the shop and check their bags with their phones in 'em. At some later point, every single phone checked into the bag check starts to ring at the same time. It'd be bedlam.Like to help?

Now you would think why do this....because you can, because it beats staying at home watching tv, because...well because.

The participants didn't know ahead of time what they would be doing; they were just told to bring a backpack and a cell phone. After everyone had arrived, I explained the mission to the group.

The first step was to divide everyone up by cell phone brand. In addition to creating a cacophony of 60 phones going off at once, I also wanted to have different sections play at different times, like a symphony. Instead of the "string section", we would have the "Samsung section".

It sounds like it was all good fun and no one got hurt.

I know that there are a lot of these things also called "Flash Mobs" happening all over the world these days - you should check it might enjoy yourself and lets face it what are you going to miss apart from some Law & Order reruns.


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