Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The Mexuar Corraleta technology was launched at Astricon in London last Monday. I’m working with Mexuar to commercialise this technology and we are looking for opportunities now.

There is a brochure and demo on the website below. If you have an opportunity or you think you know someone who might have an opportunity please forward this url on and ask them to get in touch with me.



Cognation has been representing Mexuar here in the USA and are looking to commercialize this technology with partners from various industries and applications.

A number of companies have been looking to introduce some form of “click to call” technology however this server side technology leapfrogs all other technologies including the recently introduced Google click to call beta trials which uses a flawed method of two way calls originating from a central server that connects both legs.

The Mexuar technology allows a user to initiate a call simply by clicking on a java applet that may take the form of a picture, text, or other graphical representation. The browser then initiates a connection to the Mexuar server which then connects into the pstn network.

The Mexuar technology is licensed on a per server basis with the volume of simultaneous calls dependant on hardware configuration.

Example applications for the deployment of this technology are;

Click to call banner advertisements
Click to call website advertisements
Click to call website connectivity for contact us pages
Click to call for specific product support (eg replacement to java text2chat product support).

I look forward to demonstrating this technology at your earliest possible convenience and look forward to discussing your specific commercial opportunities


Dean Collins
Cognation Pty Ltd

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