Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Urban Dare

What a great concept www.UrbanDare.com

Urban Dare is a new style of urban adventure race where smarts can beat speed. These races are part running, part trivia quiz, and part skill challenges. Teams of 2 solve clues to find checkpoints. At some check points you must take a photo and at others you must perform dares.

In 2006 they have races scheduled in 12 different cities with more planned for next year.


I love the concept of this, I think it's great that people are building more city style adventures and whilst I'm no runner I've always wanted to participate in an "Around the World" style challenge.....and lets face it more than a few hours of competition I think my wife would kill me (or vice versea).

Whilst some of the questions appear cryptic and might pose a little bit of an advantage to the local teams I still think it would be a great way for a tourist to see a new city.

Looking forward to the next New York event....hmm better start training now.


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