Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mexuar NY-Tech Meetup Speed Presentation

This is a video of a 'speed presentation' I gave at last nights NY-Tech Meetup for one of my clients I represent here in the USA.

I know I was a little short with some of the people in the Q&A session but you only get 4 mins to present and 1 minute for Q&A and there were about 40 people with questions (we only got through about 10 of them).

All in all not a bad presentation to a room of over 500+ people :)

Also I appreciate video isn't great I'm going to try and use a diferent encoding tool, but it was shot on a digital still camera from the audience so it's really about the audio, let me know if anyone wants a copy of the ppt. has just launched a server application called Corraleta, which will enables people visiting your website to talk to you using nothing more than their headsets.

There is no client to download, no click per call fees, nothing is required apart from a server for the corraleta application to be installed onto.

The main implementation for the Corraleta application is for people who run e-commerce websites that want to allow their consumers to 'call them' via the web. The most innovative part is that the call centre staff actually receive the calls on their normal telephones just like they would answering the calls from the carrier.

Because the calls are ip to ip all the way from the consumers browser through to the call centre PABX the calls are free.

If you want more information check out or


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