Friday, September 08, 2006

Peter Dicks Chairman of Sportingbet PLC is arrested at JFK!!

This is bullshit.

I dont know how to effectively express my outrage over this action by the US government.

Check out these links for background info;,1,2052648.story?coll=la-headlines-nation&track=crosspromo

So basically we have a UK citizen, operating a UK business ( board) who the moment he steps foot into the USA is arrested, not for crimes he committed but for crimes committted by US citizens.

Oh and arrested under ambiguous Louisiana law, that defines all interstate gaming as illegal.

I cant wait for the chairman of the NY Times to be arrested on a visit to China because chinese citizens were reading copies of the NY Times on the internet.

Oh and as for visiting 'unfriendly' countries, how about if Castro started shooting american tourists he found in Cuba for 'crimes of treason' in carrying US dollars in their wallets?

This is insane America. When are you going to wake up and begin to be a good 'world citizen'?

You cant just arrest people for 'crimes against the state' that dont even occur in your country........isn't that what terrorists do? Impose their will against the world at large.

I keep hoping I will wake up and the insanity will end? it's like a bad dream.
It's getting hard to tell who is the bad guys anymore.



On April 2nd, 2009, Carruthers pleaded guilty to 1 charge of racketeering charges after being "under arrest" since July 2006.
On Sunday July 16, 2006 Carruthers was arrested at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Texas while changing planes. He was travelling with his wife, Carol, from the BETonSPORTS Annual General Meeting in the United Kingdom to his home in Costa Rica where the two lived since 2000.

So basically after almost 3 years he flipped and turned states evidence so he could finally go home.
Chris Flood, an attorney for Kaplan, said today his client maintains his innocence. Flood declined to talk about any discussions with the U.S. Attorney’s office.
“I can’t comment publicly about matters that are supposed to be between myself, my client and the government,” Flood, a partner at Houston-based Flood & Flood, said by phone.

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