Friday, September 29, 2006

Neat Toys

I love geek toys. I've bought Palm's, Treo's, Window Mobile devices, Nec Mobile Pro's, Bluetooth headsets, Philip Pronto remotes you name it I've bought it and tried it.

I've looked at the Sony UX devices a few times (still not quite convinced and am waiting out for a faster generation of hardware) .

However when someone sent me a link for this device, even though I dont drive a car here in New York I seriously considered it for longer than I should have.

HP Ipaq rx5915 is a neat device, primarily for GPS driving directions to navigate around town in your car. However there is a whole heap of other functionality in there.

Disconnect the unit from the car mounting bracket and walk into your local wifi hotspot and you can browse the web via the IE Mobile 5.0 browser, use it to check email etc. although it doesn't actually explain how you type (I assume it's and onscreen keyboard).

If you are out of range of a wifi access point it can also connect via bluetooth to your mobile phone to connect to the web via the phones gprs data service.

It's supposed to play MP3's as well but without checking it out in person I'm not sure how realistic this is as an in car MP3 deck as the size is limited to SD cards.

All in all, pretty neat toy for only $ if only I had the excuse of owning a car :)


P.S. Another neat "Convergence Toy" is this watch from Fossil

Watches have always done a good job of quickly showing the time and date. But Fossil Inc. is convinced there's another piece of information worth displaying on the wrist: caller ID.
In a partnership with Sony Ericsson, Fossil on Thursday announced a new line of timepieces that will show who's calling on your cell phone.
The main advantage is that the system lets users quickly and discreetly know who is calling, without having to dig their phone out of their pocket or purse, said Bill Geiser, Fossil's vice president of watch technology.

Great concept, but I hope they come out with this bluetooth concept across a number of models as the one they have launched is as ugly as sin but A+ for the idea.

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