Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New York Apartment Explosion due to plane crash

Just occurred 5 mins ago, photos are from my apartment window.

Will update as events occur. Both of us are fine.

Basically a plane crashed into building across the street on 72nd on the 38th floor from the north past our north west facing window on the 30th floor.

SMH Article

Freaky part is that it would have had to have flown past our apartment and the building next door which is only 50 meters wide.

Pilot NY Yankees baseball pitcher Cory Lidle and passenger (instructor- Tyler Stanger) are dead, but 2 people in actual apartment the plane crashed into are fine.


  1. Something similar happened to me when I was living in Milan - the pilot committed suicide by flying into a building near Centrale Stazione where I worked. It really rattles you doesn't it? *hugs*

    Betcha rents still don't drop in price.

  2. Nope rents didn't drop - lol I think it would take a lot more for them to drop in price here on the UES.