Monday, October 30, 2006

Windows Vista Licensing

Shoot me now.

I cant believe how insane some decision makers are, it makes me just want to tear my hair out. When I first heard this rumour a few weeks ago I just thought it was the linux zealots 'mis-reading' the wording of the EULA and hyping up the story.

Nope it's really true. I dont get it, I dont understand it, I dont believe it but it's true.

Microsoft Vista will only allow 1 major hardware change.....after this you will need to buy a new license.

So basically, I purchase Vista and then install it on my pc, 6 months later I replace the motherboard, no probs.

6 months later I decide to replace the hard drive......bzzzzt your Vista license is no longer valid, stops working and you need to buy another license. WTF!!!

I hope this is just rhetoric that will never see the light of day if it is then I'm not going to upgrade from XP no matter what function is built into the new Vista OS.


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