Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Warning over 'broken up' internet

Internet Governance Forum (IGF), set up by the UN, warned that concerns over the net's future could lead to separation.
"People are concerned about whether the system we have now will also work five years from now," he said.

Interesting follow up article from my post the other day.

"If I look at the internet in five years from now there are going to be very, very, very more internet users in Asia than Europe or America. "There will be more Chinese web pages than English pages".

There are very real effects that will be felt globally through the balkanization of the internet, and I don't think politicians making these decisions at the moment can scope the ramifications of their short term decisions.
Hopefully the laws will be so ineffectual and behind the technology wave that apart from sourcing more voting dollars it wont matter.

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