Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2 "Comments of the Day"

Widespread reports of vote rigging and election fraud......yep another 3rd world gerrymandered election.....oh wait no it's not - this is 1st world America.
(I love that i was able to find this link from the 'China Daily' even though plenty to choose from here in the mainstream USA press)

Maybe we should introduce thumb staining in 2008 presidential elections......

On the other side of the global spectrum India announced plans today for a 4 stage process of having an indian on the moon in 2020, beginning with the trial in 2007 and the first manned space flight in 2014.

JFK used the american space race to galvanise the nation in 1961, maybe this will be the 'trial by fire' to propel India forward. Remembering of course something India has a history of 'future future' that sometimes just never seems to materialise. I for one am hoping they can deliver.


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