Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ibm - Linux - Future?

Now I'm a windows fan and I believe that money makes the world go around, but I also have my feet firmly in the open source community through my involvement with Asterisk...but at the same time most of it is in the commercial side of the spectrum with my work at Mexuar.

All that out of the way.....I cant help but watch this commercial and get shivers of excitement.

There is a power out there, it could be bigger than hummanity as we know it today ever was.

Lets face it blend 60's hippies with 80's wall street gumption and 2000's dot bomb rock bottom IT hardware pricing and the impossible is nothing.

Dream High,



  1. Great advert. There really is some powerful and exciting stuff coming out of the open source community these days. I'm sure there is much more to come!

  2. Doesn't get any more powerful than Asterisk.

    When you start seeing articles about how Sam Houston university replaces a 6800 extension Cisco pabx with Asterisk to know that some of these applications are rock solid http://www.networkworld.com/news/2006/091206-von-sam-houston.html

    In our instance at Mexuar, we launched the worlds first Java Click to Call solution for about a 90% discount on the price you would be charged from Estara (plus we are Java there's is only Active-X).

    It's nice knowing you are delivering something to companies that they are going to benefit from in a hhuge way yet delivering it to them at a price they never would have dreamed of before.

    And the best part is the flexibility, we dont care what you use our product for or if you want to change the look and feel or if you want to add your own code etc. Try telling that to microsoft....