Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Microsoft Photosynth

Whoa were the hell did this come from????

You have to check out this new application from Microsoft called PhotoSynth.

This thing so rocks. Can you believe how I was excited about Google MyMaps last week....can you imagine that entire walk put together by visually matrixing not only my photos but any other photos Photosynth is able to sift from the internet and geolocate into position.

If you have the video card and the bandwidth to suit check out the demo here http://labs.live.com/photosynth/view.html?collection=sanmarco/index1.sxs there is no indication as to the pre-processing required to put these collections together but as a proof of concept on how photos from disaparate sources can be mapped together it's powerfull stuff just as a POC.

I cant wait to see this come out of Microsoft search as a working and real time application spidering all geo photos together in virtual walk throughs. I mean seriously are the guys at Microsoft search on amphetamines or something this thing is seriously cool and makes google look like they are asleep at the wheel.

There's 3 videos to download (making of, walk through and tour) available here http://labs.live.com/photosynth/video.html but they are all pretty lengthy at 27mb but if you got this far into the post and you're still interested then it's worth the download.

Keep up the great work guys.



  1. yep, i'm sure you complained when flash was launched as well, oh and gui's before that :)

    go back to your unix mainframe punch cards and we'll head on alone without you :P