Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Off to London for a week

I'm probably not going to have time to blog for the rest of the week as I'm in London until next Monday.

First note - it's weird how much some parts of London are like Australia. On the limo ride in I could have been in Eastwood or North Ryde for most of the trip.

Second note - it's weird how many UK companies have similar branding to Australian companies, the colour selection for Sainsbury's and Coles is almost identical.

Third note - how the hell does a bug end up dead between the vacuum sealed plane windows of a 737?

BTW Is it just more or do more people feel it's uneasonable that in this day and age that planes should be quieter inside than they are, i mean it's ridiculous the noise level you have to put up with for hours on end - that and when are we going to have power outlets in all seats? laptop batteries only last so long which i wouldn't mind but with only 8 channels on the tv's and nothing worth watching it was a pain when the divx movie on the laptop didn't make it to the end.

I wouldn't bitch so much but on comes the captain to say welcome aboard AA 737 one of the most newest planes in the fleet....really i wouldn't have noticed with your crappy paint job and your lousy food......oh and it's raining in London this morning :(


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