Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dell deploys Asterisk

Well it finally happened, Dell has moved into Asterisk.

The high margin business of Avaya, NEC, Nortel etc are going to take some serious beatings from this development.

It took a lot longer than I have been predicting/consulting on behalf of some of these legacy hardware providers but it's happened. May you live in interesting times as they say.


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  1. BTW I've already taken some calls about this post (I emailed it to a few friends/clients directly who wanted more detailed thoughts).

    I need to explain - i think this is a good thing for Asterisk and the industry (although the Fonality distributed architecture in it's current form is a bad thing....but I'm on record for saying this in multiple forums).

    Why I think this is a good thing for Asterisk is that Dell have massive potential to raise the profile of Asterisk 'the technology', also as a 'fulfillment' company there aren't many better than Dell so this may be an opportunity for other companies to partner with Dell but loading their own iso's on the boxes.