Friday, January 18, 2008

Hana Linux

Interesting development happening in Korea with Linux.

I've been wondering when something like this was going to happen - actually I was thinking it would have been one of the Nordic countries.

The power of an entire country 'moving' to a free linux OS will have an enormous effect on the Windows platform. Creating the 'groundswell' or momentum to deliver paid support, additional applications, drivers and 'acceptance' can be easily delivered by a single committed government effort to move to linux and as we know governments that are prepared to 'plan' and not just worry about the next general election are the ones that can drive real change.

If you wonder about Korea's ability to deliver major change check out this report that suggests broadband penetration in Korea is about to cross 70% (USA is 20th in the world at penetration).

Watching how this one turns out with interest.


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