Monday, November 03, 2008

The Internet of Things

Great article to read to understand why the Internet as we know it today is only in an ebryonic stage and that there is a lot more growth possible once we start enabling 'things'.

Yes this is another article about how your fridge will be sending you emails or how IP enabled door locks eliminate the need for door keys. But more than that it's a great example of what is possible with devices that talk to each other over the internet - for another example check out this article about twitter enabled pot plants (personally i think SOAP or RSS is a better interface than Twitter but it's a start).

For those of you not into plants, how about running shoes that talk to your ipod which then uploads your running distances and speeds to a website (that you can keep private or share with other people if you want to show off).

Either way i hope you find these articles interesting and start thinking about what would help you in your life if it was 'IP enabled'.

P.S. Yes this post couldn't be complete without a plead for people to start moving to IPV6.....get to it people.

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