Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who exactly does CTIA think they represent

So the 2009 CTIA show agenda lands on my desk this morning.

I'm kind of perplexed, exactly who is it that the CTIA thinks they represent these days!!!

Sure putting on grandiose events with Al Gore and Billy Crystal (both of which have absolutely nothing to do with wireless but I'm sure cost a bomb in speaking fees) stroke your egos but how does this have anything to do with your charter.

How about spending members money on stuff that counts like better wireless access and encouraging more advanced carrier functionality/R&D.

Billy Crystal FFS!!! what were you thinking.



  1. This is easy to explain: These events raise millions of dollars for the CTIA and most of the money comes from tech vendors, not CTIA members (carriers). By staging a successful event (ie hiring big name speakers) the CTIA raises more money that they can spend on their members.

    I've been organizing events like this for years.

  2. Then it's a shame you dont really know what draws people to attend conferences like this.

    If people like you think it's billy crystal ffs there is no hope.

    How about CTIA save their speaker fees and use the keynote speaker position to actually highlight something decent happening in the mobile space.

    but hey if you want to run a show with big name celebs you go right ahead.