Sunday, July 04, 2010

Are you going to buy 3D tv?
Despite the push by manufacturers, a new survey shows that the 70 percent of Japanese are not planning to purchase a 3D TV for their homes.

I've liked some of the 3D movies and you can see the techniques are getting better (eg Alice had way better 3d effects than Avatar) but at the end of the day 'meh' is about all the feeling i can muster about 3D tv, i'm not motivated to buy one at all.

What about you? is the current content worth replacing your hardware for?



  1. No. 3D will not compel me to replace my HDTV.

    Have you noticed that the 3D capable HDTVs are also the very models that have sufficient internals to handle streaming media from Hulu, Netflix, et al. These are the very same models that include an embedded Skype client.

    Do you think that any of those applications will drive the sales of new HDTVs?

  2. No, but it should push the price of non-3D HDTVs down soon so that's fine by me.

  3. I've always preferred seperate boxes to access fast updating standards like Hulu, Netflix etc

    Building this directly into the TV to me seems dumb as you might only replace your tv every 5 years but these apps update annually (?)