Friday, May 27, 2011

CLEAR Wireless internet isn't.....really "clear" :)

Just a heads up in case you were thinking of using the CLEAR 4g wireless internet service as your broadband provider.

A friend of mine from newtech just posted this comment.

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Over the last few weeks, my clear internet started to putter out with a consistent up but a varying down. While I wouldn't say that my use was excessive with some days bursting up to 8 gigs of downloads in a 24 hour time period, @CLEAR thought that it was too much. Through a number of troubling calls, I discovered that CLEAR has an automated throttling mechanism that will either hit the tower or the node depending on "congestion".

Once your node or tower is flagged, you are at the mercy of the algorithm. Painfully, this means that "unlimited" isn't "unlimited". Additionally, if you want to cancel before the end of your billing cycle, you will not get a pro-rated refund.

All in all, CLEAR is good solution if you're one person who does "light" internet use. If you're a heavy internet use, and want a device that can be your go to provider on the go or as a backup to your home internet, CLEAR is a good alternative.

If you want to go cable-box-less and download all your movies, tv shows and entertainment, keep on trucking.

Tomorrow, I'll get TWC's Wideband installed. Does anyone have thoughts on their TWC Wideband service?


My comments were as follows;

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So basically unless you are using CLEAR for light browsing or email it's not the solution for anyone who wants to backup files, view videos or other "broadband' interaction.

What a piece of junk.

I hope there is a lawsuit about what "Unlimited" entails unless they mark this quite clearly in their advertisements....i've seen the "real estate girl ad -uploading her photos" but I've never seen anything mentioning don’t upload too much or we'll cut you back to dial up speeds.

Dean Collins

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