Friday, May 06, 2011

The GoGo's

Doing an 80's style trip down memory lane for this Fridays Mood Music

I was buying a cd on Amazon this week and out of nowhere popped up the Vh1 Behind the Music: Go-Go's Collection in the suggested cd list at checkout.

Man my head was bopping away to "We got the beat/Lips are sealed" before i could even click "add to cart" along the appropriate hair gel and glitter eyeshadow to match my acid wash jacket.

I mean who doesnt love the  GoGo's

Be sure to have a listen to the tracks in the Mood Music box, the new remix of these tracks from the VH1 CD sounds better than it ever did.

BTW wondering what happened to them check out's they are about to kick off a world reunion tour if you can believe that (and could just be me but i think they look hotter now than when they were younger).

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