Sunday, January 15, 2012

BitCoin - The Good Wife

Anyone else find it weird that The Good Wife was based tonight on the mystery behind the creator of Bit Coin?

lol they are definitely using the tried and true "Law And Order" model of taking their storylines from current news topics

The only problem was when they started the ghosting theory at the end, I almost barfed.

Came across some really interesting comments at -
Sometimes a crypto-research is just a crypto dude and not an evil scammer to boot.

> or has a large reserve of Bitcoin he plans to cash out at a later date?
Actually, it's generally believed that Satoshio and a very few far-sighted early adopters have an unknown amount of the earliest coined 1.6m bitcoins, and probably still have most of them (around 1.1m), based on lack of blockchain movements: see  for the general discussion, and especially


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