Sunday, January 01, 2012

LAX customs morons

Lol just got sent for secondary customs search at LAX when I told the customs guy his explanation for the term "gringo" was BS and we were running late.....I smiled at him like "whatever" when i reach across his desk to pick up our passports...... but the shit I got from Jodie was the worst part.

They didn't even open the bags just ran the scanner.

I felt like saying, dude you work on the desk without a computer armed only with a texta, and your job is to say, please continue or please go to Line B..... I dont have anything relevant to say to you after getting off an 18 hour flight ........either let me go or send me to Line B but the etymology of the word gringo is greek and not french for "Green".

What a moron but for $12 an hour should i expect my tax dollars to be doing any better?

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