Sunday, January 29, 2012

Peter James, Managing director, Ninefold

Interesting article in The RustReport this morning

What sets NineFold apart from your competitors?

We offer locally stored data, genuine self service and pay-as-you go public cloud computing and cloud storage services; with locally stored data and free local support. We’re scalable, secure and — being local —offer low latency to Australian users. Plus our solid backing from Macquarie Telecom means we have the flexibility of an agile, innovative enterprise, plus the added clout and staying power of a long established telco and managed hosting provider

The better question would have would you have handled a MegaUpload FBI warrant differently to the Virginia based hosting providers.

Peter alludes to "Australian" and "local" several times but doesnt comment on how that makes them different.......

What are your thoughts?


P.S. is this your first time hearing about MegaUpload? good place to start ->
Then read this ->

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