Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Africa - what i didn't know...that i didn't know

I always knew that i didn't know much about Africa. Like anyone with reasonable intelligence, i knew where it was, i could probably name most of the countries and their rough location e.w.n.s, i understood that it was colonised by numerous countries and i understood south african apartheid.

But there was still a lot i knew "i didn't know" but i was ok with that. I'm from Australia and as an asian i can pick distinguishing features of malays/thais/koreans/most of the time even north and south china etc etc.

Africa was a deep and mysterious place that i was ok to let simmer on the side knowing one day i would get to it.

By chance i happened to pick up this book while i was in Australia (different cover in Aus to the USA but if you are going to buy it make sure you get the up to date recently revised version).
The Fate of Africa: A History of the Continent Since Independence

The Fate of Africa: A History of the Continent Since Independence

My mind was blown within the first 40 pages.

I pretty much didn't put this down for the first 500 pages. This book will rip apart everything you think you know about Africa and make you realise that the rest of the world is entirely responsible for where they are at now.

It is our direct actions not only 100 years ago during colonisation, not only 30 years ago during the cold war USA/Russia proxy war exploitation period, but right up until today right this moment !!

Reading specific events where the UN got involved only to have Boutros Boutrous-Ghali screw things up because of his own personal vanity blew my mind that "people in charge" might know what they are doing.

Our continued meddling and manipulation of one faction over another is shameful for all of us. We are directly responsible for an entire continent being fucked up.

Not me....... go take the Cobalt and Tantalum out of your iphone...yeh i didnt think you could you schmuck.

These kids are responsible for you having that metal in your phone
Children-soldiers in the Congo

Oh and those AK's.....your money paid for that. Why don't you think of that next time you flip the channel when the next World Vision advertisement interrupts your tv show.

Want to open yourself to cosmic consciousness got buy this book read it and understand.

That would be a start.

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