Friday, February 17, 2012

Pokemon's or QR codes who do you think are the most dangerous?
SHERWOOD, OR (KTPV) - A Sherwood family received a big shock while playing with some new Pokemon cards recently.

They scanned what they thought was a quick response code, which is similar to a bar code and can be scanned for more information about merchandise, but it took them to a pornographic website.
Ben Lapp used his smart phone to scan the code, which was promoting the Pokemon Online Challenge, but the responding web search wasn't what he expected.

Sorry but i'm calling bullshit on this entire story here. The QR code above displays in clear text the same 13 digit text shown on the right.

This is pure bullshit calling QR codes dangerous or saying there is some kind of fault with QR codes ..."Think of the children"

There is no way typing SP9-FN4N-FXD-S38 into your mobile browser search engine its going to return porn.....unless DAD happened to be googling porn while he was at work that day and forgot to clear his browser history.

Some reporters are so gullible.


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