Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anonymous hacks AAPT "user data"

And that folks..... is why the government shouldn't be asking ISP's to collect this data.

Shame its not "just politician data" that Anonymous are leaking onto the internet. If politicians in Australia and the USA etc say there is nothing to hide here and that this data should be stored for a minimum of 2 years then fine, lets start with all the senators etc posting their browsing habits/internet data live onto a public website first for 2 years and then they can vote on this issue.
After the threats, admissions and delays, hacktivists protesting the data retention scheme proposed by the Federal Government’s National Security Inquiry have begun dumping data gleaned from an Australian telco — presumably AAPT.

So far, the dump looks to be as large as we were promised: 40GB of customer data. Sources leaking the data say that there are over 600 tables of customer information set to be published, and after looking at the first few, it looks to be all business account information.

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