Tuesday, July 31, 2012

yet again Twitter screws over their developer base

Twitter is essentially introducing a new hashtag — or what is being called a “cashtag.” Instead of the ubiquitous “#”, the addition of the symbol “$” added in front of any ticker will instantly provide context for that stock, aggregating all tweets that use the ticker under one label. Twitter gives the example of “$GE” — General Electric’s ticker symbol — although this will obviously work for any company, like Apple ($AAPL) or Google ($GOOG), allowing users to peruse conversations happening around those stocks in realtime.

Twitter’s new feature closely resembles functionality that StockTwits has boasted for some time now

Considering Twitter has been telling developers "DO NOT COPY OUR FUNCTIONALITY WITH END USER CLIENTS" for the last year or so yet proving another way that Twitter is an "idea" and does not have the management depth to run it as a "long term" company

The fact that pretty much every developer i know (including myself) has zero interest in building apps against Twitter anymore prooves that they've screwed the pooch.

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