Monday, September 17, 2012

startup location selection costs

Any thoughts?
Do we need to be here in NYC? Should we all be moving to Boulder Colorado?


  1. Dean, I don't think NYC is a necessity for a start up. If I was doing a start up I would look at a host of factors including taxes, rent, and number of programmers, etc.

    For example, Hoboken, NJ, and Stamford, CT have lower tax rates and reasonable rents. There is even a vibrant tech community in New Orleans but with the way the Saints have opened the season I, m not sure that is such a good idea. ;-)


  2. Chuckles……so you are giving up your position after this weeks game huh.

    I’m curious after reading about Tony Hsieh work in Las Vegas (,8599,2112157,00.html) what it would take to do a mass relocation. At one stage because of Jerry Paffendorf I thought Detroit might be it but after 3 or so years I don’t think its going to happen.