Saturday, September 15, 2012

Security issues for "wifi - on the chip"

What are peoples thoughts on the security issues raised by “wifi on the chip”.

Eg at the moment I know the only way to get “access” to my desktop pc is via the Ethernet cable, and or the usb/ps2 ports etc.

With developments like this where there is wifi on the chip itself who’s to say I can still protect “all vector points”

Any thoughts?


  1. WiFi "on chip" is no more of a problem than Ethernet "on chip".

    It is a question of the software running the chip.

    I am grossly simplifying, but so long as the processor is in control, the relevant security question remains the processor environment and its software. The precise packaging (boards, chips, on-chip) is almost insignificant.

    - Bob Gezelter

  2. Bob,

    I'm not sure I agree with you.

    I mean at the moment I physically control access to my servers and know that the ethernet ports + usb access can be controlled by physical access.

    Eg check out the banks / other financial institutions that superglue shut usb ports/physical Ethernet disconnection alarms etc

    With wifi on the chip this all becomes moot.

    I know the access vector is a little esoteric probably on the level of a bios attack but I still see this as being a big old security can of worms.

    How many iterations have we had of various wifi security that have been upgraded over the past decade as fallible? With wifi on the chip unless the chip is replaced you're screwed and accessible by anyone "within range". Talk about Bluetooth war driving this is a way bigger problem.