Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sensiva Symbol Commander Pro :(

Anyone else here use Symbol Commander Pro?

It has been one of my favorite programs that i've used on every pc i've owned for the last 6 years and one of the first apps i reinstall on every fresh format.

But today is a sad day, it looks like it wont run on Windows 7 (yeh yeh i know i'm late to the party and finally upgrading)

Here are some details about the app but basically you use your right mouse to "gesture" and cause things to occur based on the symbol you draw eg minimise, delete, exit, browser page back/forward etc - http://www.bestshareware.net/symbol-commander-pro.htm
The app is still working sort of the problem is its displaying the gestures at a crawl and running really really slow in Win7.

Any OS geniuses know what this can be? or how to fix it or do i need to finally accept this app is dead and finally try to move on   :(


  1. Unfortunately ive recently upgraded to windows 7 and my fav fav fav app is no longer working :(

    It installas fine and works ok BUT basically its really slow at tracing the gesture you just made and on some "apps" eg IE9 it wont even recognise you are holding the right mouse key.

    If anyone knows how to get this workign it would be super super appreciated.

  2. Hello Dean.

    I use Sensiva 2.5 for wacom tablet since 1999 with autocad (14/2000/2005/2009/2012)and Sketchup (6/7/8).
    Wow !!! What an amazing software !!!
    But I know...I only may play with win XP if I want to use it.
    It doesnt work with vista, win7 or win8.

    I already try StrokeIt, StrokePlus and Just Gesture but they seems not very efficient.


  3. yep, i'm now on Windows 7 and very disappointed it doesnt work. I've tried contacting the developer "idavid@me.com" to see if he will work on it again but never heard anything back.....maybe if lots of people email them....they will work on it to get it working for Win 7/8

  4. Hi, did you could contact to David ? Did you have any answer ? I really need this program!

  5. i emailed a few times and never heard anything back :(

  6. I love Sensive and used it for many years but after windows 7 I stopped using. After 2 years without any symbol commander I tried Just Gesture and love it. Now I am back in the game again :))

  7. re-Hello Dean,

    Do you know "Leap Motion" ?

    I hope this kind of technology would replace mouse gesture such Sensiva...
    I still using windows XP.


  8. Yeh I've been reading articles about it, pretty neat, we'll see where it goes though I have an issue using "hands" instead of cursors, I think it will get tiring pretty quickly (and not as accurate).

  9. Hi Dean,

    So. Now I use Stroke-It to replace Sensiva.
    The problem was that Sensiva uses both R.Button+L.Button to draw gesture and Stroke-It uses only L. or R. or Middle button to do the same things... And I need R.+L. Button becaus I use a pen tablet. (>> look at stroke it forum)

    To find a solution I use MiddleButton setting in stroke-it + AutoHotkey with as special script to remap mouse (pen) buttons.
    When I use R.+L. Button it make M.Button !

    It perfectly works with autocad, sketchup, and Photoshop :-D

    Explanations here : http://www.tcbmi.com/strokeit/forum/read.php?3,58100


  10. I still use Sensiva (3.11) up today and I have no trouble using it on windows 7 (32 & 64 bit). The only thing you need to do in order to correct the crawling effect is to disable desktop composition, i.e. Control panel>Performance Information and Tools> Adjust visual effects (left bar)> Visual Effects tab> Enable desktop composition (untick it).

  11. Peter, just saw your comment....sensational!! off to go and try it now, what does "enable desktop composition" actually do?

  12. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa969540%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

  13. lol yeh I googled before I posted and found a few different pages.....just curious what the bad parts of turning it off are, I've turned it off anyway, need to run but will install sensiva tonight, thanks so so so much for posting your comments here about this though, if there are no side effects then this is the best news I've had all week.

  14. I actually don't know if there are any serious disadvantages but I personally have been running it disabled for a couple of years now and apart from a 'not so glossy-looking' desktop, I haven't encountered any problems whatsoever.

  15. +Peter Vlagopoulos you saved my day :-D
    I can know play with sensiva on W7, and love it
    Thanks a lot
    +Dean Collins : thank you for the original post

  16. Hello Dean and other posters. I wanted to reinstall my version of sensiva on my new win 8 machine but unfortunately I cannot find my installer file. Can anyone of you please provide the program in a file download. Thanking you in anticipation.


  17. geee, thanks Dean and other posters. follow your suggested method, my Sensiva is back....!!!

  18. use it windows xp compatibility mode this software