Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Anchor of Talent

Just got back from driving to Clairmont NJ to see Fiona Apple in concert.

Shocked was the only word i could describe myself when she walked out on stage, i'm not sure if she's on heroin or meth but if i passed her in the street i'd throw her a dollar in a coffee cup, she looks like death warmed up.

I honestly dont know much about her personal life but i somehow get the feeling that she has oodles of talent and apart from working when she needs cash could care less about fame and fortune......which is fine when you are young and pretty and have your habit under control but tonight "twitchy" would be a good way to describe it.

It saddens me that someone able to write "Every Single Night" and more importantly "able to sing it in such an perfect way" who obviously has so much emotional depth and so much raw talent just cant get their heads clear on "the rest of life".....but then again who amongst us really does "manage to get life fully worked out".

I'm going to think of happier times like this track below and just hope she gets her shit together sooner than later.

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