Thursday, November 08, 2012

Facebook Groups problem

Interesting Facebook groups problem that i just found. I've also posted this to facebook support but thought it might help other admins.

If you are the admin of a facebook group you may want to read this.

I am the admin of the!/groups/sanfrancisco49ers.livefootballchat  "
facebook group that posts about the 49ers.
The settings are currently " Closed " and each user has to be approved by admin and i am the only admin.
One of the members posted a comment about the amoutn of spam in the group in this comment
Interestingly I couldnt see any spam.......(as in the past anyone who does post spam i block their accounts and remove their posts).
As you can see in their discussion they could see spam BUT i couldnt see any spam as all.
They then posted the user profile
" "
but when i click on this link i get
"The page you requested was not found..
You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive."
However when i logged OUT of my account and log in as my wife i can see the userprofile for
" "
Basically i'm guessing that this user had
1/ requested to join the group
2/ once approved block me the group admin from seeing their profile
3/ then started to post spam links into the group but as facebook had blocked me from seeing their posts....was able to annoy the users with these posts without me seeing them.
1/ I logged in as my wife and joined the group
2/ i then logged in as me and upgraded her to admin
3/ i then logged in as my wifes account and blocked the user from posting
(i then had my wife "leave the group" as she hates football)

Suggestions for Facebook dev team
1/ if you are a group admin you have to see ALL posts by other users as such if a fb user blocks someone from seeing their profile...great no probs for general pages BUT when a user has admin rights they have to overide seeing posts in their groups.
2/ implement a "view group as XYZ User" eg the same way i can see my own profile as one of my friends implement this for group admins.

Hope this has helped and you delete this facebook users account permanantly however we all know they'll just create another fake account.

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