Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Minecraft reality not Augmented Reality

Ok now this is H-O-T hot!! This is exactly where SL went wrong.

Virtual worlds should be based on REAL worlds and melding the two is what is going to make them S-T-I-C-K-Y.

For many players, the best part of Minecraft is building things, and a new app for iOS lets you see what your creations would look like in the real world. Called Minecraft Reality, the augmented reality app lets you upload your creations to a website, and then place them in the real world so that you can view them through your device's camera.

Doesnt look like http://13thlab.com/ have an Android version available yet (tsk tsk....pretty lame). but will be interesting to see if "reality" matches up with the video.

This app does bring up an interesting point in that its the second "geo location" app that i've seen this morning (www.Wyst.it) the question is will people really have all of these apps running in the background as they walk around?

I can see that some apps need to be on all the time (eg Mogi Mogi) but its almost like we need a standardized API from Apple/Android that corals these apps into just a "popup" that says hey there i something here do you want to be interrupted by Wyst right now or, there is a 13thLab alert, dismiss or fire up the app now. Its only so long before someone posts some Augmented Reality Spam

I'm just not sure how this "interaction can be done" without the apps themselves running.....screw software I'm going to start spending 24x7 on battery research.

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