Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Enjoy this while eating your turkey the rate American corporations are going it will be the last "natural" turkey you eat.
Don’t American politicians realize that this country is being driven over a cliff by corporations focused on next quarters profits? Between this and Apples “page turning” patent I read about on the list last week I have to wonder when it makes sense to leave the USA and go set up shop somewhere else.

My customers will still be in the USA (for now) but my legal operating base will be in a location where common sense still rules business operating laws.

What can we as startups do to get someone elected to congress who is prepared to filibuster or hold the rest of the politicians who “don’t get technology” so that we can bring about technology.

Normally I’m a pro free markets kind of guy but this short term thinking is going to tip the longer term Keynesian balance.

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