Monday, July 22, 2013

Government intervention

I know people claim they want LESS government intervention heck even after Texas blew up an unregulated fertilizer plant built right on the edge of town the Texas government was quick to assure people that this wouldn't cause an increase in oversight/regulation

But lets look at what happened in New Zealand and China this weekend. A 6.5 earthquake in Wellington and 2 people hurt (one person hurt when a TV fell on his head) and the next day a 5.8 in China where 20% of the buildings in a town collapsed.........obviously due to shoddy building regulations.

So next time you are complaining about government regulation........hope that they didn't skip the concrete strength testing for the building you are reading this post from.

P.S.........Think Coronal Holes have nothing to do with earthquakes......yes we were in a watch zone period this weekend -

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