Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The real reason pc sales are declining

Personal-computer shipments dropped for a fifth straight quarter, the longest losing streak on record, as consumers continued to favor touch-screen tablets and smartphones for getting online.

Wrong Wrong Wrong, I wish people would quit talking about how tablets are ruling the world......PC's have topped out in technology requirements to run excel/word/outlook.......

Dell could increase the demand for faster pc's simply by developing new advance software that requires faster ram/cpu etc.

People only ever upgraded their pc's every 18-24 months due to speed requirements NOT death of motherboards/powersupplies etc.

This "time" has moved on......lets see a tablet run Second Life etc (the reason for why I upgraded one of my pc's years ago).

the real reason tablets are strong at the moment is "first purchases" and the people who are upgrading to their second/third series tablet when realizing the earlier ones were underpowered paperweights.


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