Friday, October 04, 2013

Visual Studio 2005 setup problems "insert dvd"

Long story but I needed to install an old copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 standard and kept having problems with the same error each time  "please the disk: Visual Studio 2005 dvd"

Hopefully through the magic of SEO this blog post will turn up in your google search and solve you time.

Basically half way through the installation each time I would get the same error

There is an easy solution but I could never find it documented anywhere.

I solve it sharing my dvd from another pc eg \\PC2\DVD and then run setup.exe from this location on PC1

I have no idea why this solved the problem and found it by accident.

No this wasn't a pirated copy, no the dvd itself wasn't scratched or damaged. Basically something wrong with the pressing from Microsoft back in 2006 (or more likely something wrong with installing it onto a modern windows 7 64bit pc).

Either way once you load the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 setup.exe it from a remote directory.......problem goes away :)

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