Wednesday, April 16, 2014

lol...follow up post - what sucks about living in the USA

I wasn't planning on writing a followup but something came up on newtech that sucks dogs balls and I don't see any way in the near term where the USA is going to get better about this particular issue.

This graph alone should be enough of an example for the government to rip up all "monopoly area contracts' for all cable and internet companies and force the market open for competition.  There is no reason at all why just because I live in one city I should be forced to connect with TimeWarner or Comcast or CableVision etc


The reason why the USA is so screwed today and going forward is this insistence (paid for by political bribery) that only one vendor can service a city at a time leaving us the consumers (and voters for what its worth anymore) hostage – and any potential startup (eg Netflix) also hostage to “pay us for the last mile or maybe your packets may get a little ruffled in our datacenter”.

This is pure blackmail on Comcasts behalf and because I as a customer cant shop elsewhere it is by defacto taxation without representation on behalf of the federal/state/city governments against us the citizens as hostages where we have no choices left.

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