Saturday, April 12, 2014

The benefits of living in USA eg Mutabaruka

I know I give the USA a lot of stick about its political positions and lifestyle choices.....(only because it holds itself out to be the moral capital of the world....and it sucks when Obama turns out to be one of the worst presidents since James Buchanan (look we all know Putin is a dick....but being a dick is expected of him so when the west screws with one is going to say Putin is in the wrong for protecting Russia's Crimean assets).

Anyway....this is a long way of saying there are some really cool things I like about America (the internet/iphones/startup funding etc) but one of the other things I know i'll miss when I'm back in Australia is cable tv, basically you cant even begin to compare Foxtel  (or worse FTA) with Time Warner.

I flicked it on while having lunch today and in less than 3 mins found a documentary on Mutabaruka on The Africa Channel network (not a chance of getting that onto Foxtel), was hugely interesting to find out about who he is and what he's done to bring about conscious awareness.

Spoke some pretty strong truths.

Was also interesting about how he talked about Marcus Garvey and The Black Star Line and the influence it had in shaping Africa.

Anyway like I said suck
De eyes of liberty is watchin' you
To yourself you must be true

but you also can deliver some pretty cool things, its just a shame that American politicians haven't read any of Mutabaruka's books. -


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