Friday, April 25, 2014

microsoft sbs 2008 backup hell ??? swapping out multiple disks causes problems

You are supposed to be able to use multiple disks to backup sbs 2008 (eg take one offsite for redundancy issues)

Inmysistuation I'm backing up to 2 different external disks (2tb disks in removable cases into a esata slide in docking station) and then swapping them out weekly.

Week 1 backs up perfectly to bk-1
Week 2 backs up perfectly to bk-2
Week 3 I swap back in disk bk-1 only to be told that both disks are offline and the only way I've been able to get them back online is reformat both disks and start again.......frustration city.

NONE of the documentation on the MS site give any indication other than yeh sure you can swap disks in and out but you cant actually see any details on HOW to do it.

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