Saturday, November 15, 2014

economic war

Came across this Russian talk show recently, well worth watching.

I know from me... an anti-war pro-GDP wonk......this is pretty out there but watching this interview makes me almost have to admire the USA State Departments ability in the last 3 to 4 years in their ability to wipe out Osama/Al-Qaeda and instead get a fairly moderate ISIS in place who show almost zero interest in bombing the USA, sure the caliphate may be a problem in 4-8 years from now but Al-Qaeda was a real problem yesterday/today/tomorrow etc.

I wonder when watching a talk show with somewhat idealistic but at least brutally honest points about economic war being waged how tv talk show hosts like Zakaria/Crowley/Stelter continue to bring out the Dem/Rep show ponies to say nothing like these brutally honest talking points about an economic war being waged that most Americans don't even know is taking place let alone understand......

The American publics ability to sleep through whats going on at the moment continues to amaze me.

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