Friday, November 07, 2014

Welcome to the "New East Germany" ....Australia

For those of you earlier in the week thinking I was being a little “dramatic” have a listen to this podcast.

Welcome to the "New East Germany" ....Australia

Malcolm Turnbull should know better. A pox on your house Malcolm.

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  1. I am disheartened with Australia's apathetic response to the bill. Here are some great quotes that express how I feel...
    "Data retention will impose a surveillance tax on the entire Australian
    population and turn the telecommunications industry into unwilling appendages to enforcement agencies, tracking and storing material on every device held by every man, woman and child in Australia," - Senator Ludlam.
    "I don't want to sound alarmist, but some fundamental principles we have enjoyed, and largely taken for granted, are about to be lost if we don't act now. Put simply, every call you take, every online move you make, the government will be watching you and maybe you don't care if this current government knows so much about you. But what about future governments? Can we really be sure they will be as worthy of our trust?" - Senator Xenophon