Monday, November 09, 2015

Ivo Van Hove - A View From The Bridge

Jodie and I went to see A View From The Bridge on stage last night.

Two comments;

Try to get "stage tickets" its a bit weird and you have the inconvenience in that you cant leave your seat for any reason but the "up close" seating was great. Basically because of the weird "staging" (see below) you can get seats that are actually "on the stage" in the wings, you see the play from a different perspective, like I said though....pee first as you cant leave your seats without "walking on the stage and annoying everyone...".

Second comment, at first this really stark, really tight stage was distracting, check out this publicity shot for what I mean.

but then after a while you totally forget about it and you can see every nuance of the actors expression all detailed and close up with the stark lighting.

This with the last scene being so shocking (no spoilers...but there is a reason there is a Perspex "tank" around the whole stage) means i'll be keeping an eye out for Ivo Van Hove the director in the future.

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