Monday, May 02, 2016

User Blocked unable to access account

UGH SBS 2008 you suck.

I've been unable to log onto my desktop and even though other accounts was able to log on using the same machine and access the same domain etc after googling for ages found out.....log onto the sbs server then active directory then users etc etc then click "unblock account" click apply solve problem.

All cool until the next time I reboot 9about a month or so later) and the same problem occurs.

Click unblock again but still no idea why.

Then it randomly hits me when looking for something totally different......the backup process requires you to entire a username and password........when I change the password it never "auto corrects" this and you need to log in to change it.

Seriously Microsoft I don't ask for much from my home network and I know you have a lot of things to worry about......but sometimes I wonder if you are still "a startup" and learning how these things are meant to work.

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